Buran Pilot


A detailed 3D model of the pilot of the Soviet space shuttle Buran, consisting of the “Strizh” pressure suit and the “K-36RB” ejection seat. Created for the Buran.ru website by space historian Vadim Lukashevich.

For this project, the client provided me numerous photos of (incomplete) museum exhibits and technical explanations. In addition, I researched supplementary image material. On this basis, I reconstructed a complete and corrected 3D model of the ejection seat and the pressure suit. The final 3D model can be viewed from all angles and can be integrated into the existing 3D model of the Buran space shuttle. In addition, I created several variants of the pilot, with different arm positions and faces.



Pilot: Armin

Pilot: Vadim

Pressure Suit “Strizh”

Ejection Seat “K-36RB”