Clipper – A Concept for Spaceflight

A non-fiction book about spaceflight. I designed and illustrated the book for my diploma thesis. As subject, I chose an advanced concept of the russian spaceplane Kliper (Клипер). The book illustrates the complete flight cycle of the spacecraft during a mission to a space station.


The 15 chapters of the book are divided in 4 parts: The first part explains the preparation and launch of the rocket. The second part shows the ascent of the rocket, the necessary maneuvers of the spaceship to reach a stable orbit around earth and the rendezvous with the space station. The third part is devoted to the space station. It explains the stations design and it’s expansion with additional modules. The fourth part shows the return to earth.

Example: Chapter 3 – The Launch

The chapter of the rocket launch is told in two parallel image sequences. The outside views show the fueling of the rocket and the retraction of the tower prior the the launch. The graphic view of the rocket engine explains the basic concept and the ignition of a staged combustion rocket engine.

Example: Chapter 4 – Ascent

The rocket launch is followed by the flight through the atmosphere into space. The image sequence of this chapter illustrates the stage-separation and the flight path of the rocket. My inspiration for the rocket was the Angara 5 rocket which is currently developed in Russia.

Excerpts from other chapters

Some exemplary pages from the book.