Kliper Spaceplane

Personal project

A detailed 3D model of the Russian concept for the spaceplane Kliper (Клипер).

The 3D model war originally created for an illustration project during my studies. The task was to design a hypothetical article for a magazine. As subject, I chose the attempt of Russia to build a reusable replacement for their old Soyuz spaceships. After finishing the illustration project, I continued to work on the model. The result are the following illustrations.


Some closeups of the model. They show the most important components: The tiled heat shield, maneuvering engines, sensors, docking device, service module, and the rocket adapter with integrated escape rockets.
The spaceplane is designed to carry six people. They sit in the winged front part. The cylindrical back part contains the docking device, instruments, and the oxygen and fuel reserves. At the end of the mission only the front part with the crew returns to earth. The back part remains in space and gets destroyed when re-entering the earth’s atmosphere.
My version of Kliper is not completely accurate. The references I used were very rough, and the design procedure was not finished when I build the model. To compensate missing information, I used a lot of references of the Space Shuttle, Buran and other similar designed spaceplanes. This method helped me, to develop a convincing 3D model.


A realistic visualization of Kliper in space.


A technical visualization of Kliper.