Soyuz Spaceship


A detailed 3D model of the Russian Soyuz-TMA spaceships, equipped with the Androgynous Peripheral Attach System (APAS). Created for the website by space historian Vadim Lukashevich.

The Soyuz spacecraft with the attach system APAS is compatible with the attach system of the space shuttle Buran and was designed as a rescue ship. In a case of emergency on board Buran in earth orbit, the Soyuz would have been launched, it would dock to Buran and evacuate the crew. Only one exemplar of this Soyuz variant was built, of which only few pictures exist.
I reconstructed this detailed 3D model based on the existing image material and images of the conventional Soyuz spacecraft and variants of the attach system. The model can be viewed from all angles and combined with the existing 3D model of Buran. In addition, several components, such as the solar panels and antennas, can be moved.


Rendezvous maneuver with Buran space shuttle